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I had never attended a Wizard World Convention before this weekend.  My son and I decided to make the drive down to Atlanta, Ga. this past Saturday to check one out. I came home with mixed feelings.  Now I knew that this wasn’t a “horror” convention so that isn’t what left the sour taste in my mouth.  Several of the main stars were very strick about having their pictures taken for free.  Come on guys!!! Adam West, Burt Ward and Billy Dee Williams would not allow you to have your pictures made with them without paying a hefty fee.  To have a picture with Adam and Burt you had to fork over 125 bucks!!! Not that is not a typo….that is one hundred and twenty five George Washingtons.  As they did a Q & A session and you could not make pictures there either.  I have a message to their agent……There are a lot of fans (one being myself)  who traveled to this show because of Adam and Burt.  Being a huge fan since a very early age I was really wanting to get a picture with these two guys only to be told I had to pay.  I could not afford that price.  I am very glad none of the other stars I wanted to meet were this way!!

I liked the way the convention was set up.  It was in one very large room instead of several small ones.  This make it very comfortable walking around.

There were a vast array of costumed fans.  Here are a few shots of those fans!!!

It is good to see Fairbanx Models back on the model kit scene after so long. Fairbanx ower Jason Cummings was on hand to display the new Monster Mates kits.


And there were the stars!!!!

The cast of The Human Centipede granted me an interview that I will be posting very soon!!!

Linda Blair is such a sweet lady and is super nice. I will never pass her up at a convention!!!

Mimi Rogers was very nice as well.

Melissa Cowan from The Walking Dead. I have an interview with her as well.

It was a fun day in Atlanta besides the fact that I couldn’t get a picture with Batman & Robin.  The agents and promoters need to understand that the average fan can not afford these prices for a picture.

This was the last convention of the year.  I am looking forward to seeing what 2011 holds.

The Horrorhound Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio was a great event.  One of the best conventions I have attended so far.


There were three rooms packed to the rafters with vendors, stars and a huge assortment of characters running around.

I love seeing some of the fans coming to conventions in make up.  Some of them look as good as the actual movie make up.




One room was dedicated to horror hosts and independent films.  It is really cool meeting the hosts from across the country.  They are very talented people who have a passion for horror films.

The Ghouligans clown around with Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves.

Fenriz Fatal & Capt. Crypy from The Horror Dungeon.

The lovely Ms. Monster was on hand with her Monster Melons!!!

Sigmund Zoid from the web show Alternative Realities.

Thomas Berdinski from The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 &2!

And what horror con would not be complete without a cuddly cadaver and her best friend? Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves.

The beautiful Kitsie Duncan star of Lethal Obsession.

And there were the stars!!!

My picture with Linda Blair!!

Jill Schoelen from the films Stepfather and Popcorn.

I had such a huge crush on Jennifer Rubin when Nightmare 3 and Bad Dreams came out.  I think I still do.

The lovely Kathleen Kinmont from Bride Of The Reaminator.

There was a Q & A with the stars of The Reanimator and Bride Of The Reamimator and Halloween as well.


I can’t wait for the next Horrorhound show!!! Hope to see you there!!!!




Well, another great convention has come and gone.  The Scarefest & Paranormal Convention was a blast.  We had a great time.  Such a great time that we decided to stay Saturday night instead of going home and returned on Sunday for a while.


There were many people dressed up in costume which really adds to the excitement of a convention. A lot of zombies but there were creatures of all kinds to be found at the Scarefest this year.  I would like to know what the total attendance was for the weekend.  It got very crowded at one point on Saturday night.  It cleared out a little before supper time but picked right back up before too long.


A very cool entrance to the Scarefest.  The lobby featured several monsters here and there.  Just a few of the costumes seen throughout the day.


Everyone in attendence seemed to really enjoy the show.  The only complaints that I heard of was the fact that not many of the celeberty vips actually showed up to the after hours VIP Party.  According to the Scarefest’s Facebook page, this has been brought to the attention of the promoters and will be addressed at next years event.  I know a lot of people got the VIP Tickets to be able to hang with their favorite stars at the party.

The room was filled with vendors from all over selling anything from horror books, to ghost hunting supplies, to jewelry, to dvds and everything in between.  I saw a lot of very cool stuff I would like to have if my wallet had been a little thicker.  There were a lot of hard to find movies that several venders were selling plus a lot of local movie production companies selling their films.  Movies like Mountain Mafia featuring one of my favorite Scream Queens Tiffany Shepis. I did pick up a copy of that film for my collection.


There was a life size Predator movie prop on display that you could have you picture made with.  In fact everywhere you turned there were excellent photo ops. Everything from scary monsters and ghouls to beautiful ladies we more than willing to have their pictures made.

There was one company at the fest called Paranormal Babies. They made life-like zombie babies which looked very real.  The eyes were very life-like  and when you held one of these monstrosities it felt like you were holding a real baby.



This little guy was from the Screampark Haunted Attraction. He was life-size and a person sit inside of him and “drove” him around the huge room.

Of course the biggest draw of any horror convention is the movie starts in attendance.  This year featured a great line up. Director of  “The Night Of The Living Dead” George Romero,  Danny Trejo star of  the movie Machete where the top stars.  But my favorite is always the Scream Queens.  Danielle Harris,  Amelia Kinkade and Adrienne Barbeau were all three there.  I also got to catch up with Kentucky local Heather Price who I interview several weeks ago in Lebanon, Ky.  And of course my Kentucky favorites Tucky Williams and Kayla Perkins were also there.

Halloween star Danielle Harris

Star of Night Of The Demons 1,2 & 3 Amelia Kinkade

Star of Maude, Escape From New York, Creepshow, The Fog and General Hospital Adrienne Barbaeu

Tucky Williams, star of Dead Moon Rising and Girl/Girl Scene and one of the most beautiful women to ever come out of Kentucky

Sweet and Beautiful Kayla Perkins star of the new movie Santa Claus VS The Zombies

All in all this convention was top notch.  We had a great time. Next years show is set for Sept 23, 24 & 25th so make your plans to attend.  They are saying it is going to have an 80’s theme next time.  A lot of stars come to mind right away!!!

See ya next year at the Scarefest!!!






















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  1. Great pictures at HorrorHound James!

    November 16, 2010 at 7:30 pm

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